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Virtual Law Office

The Law Office of Ambrose Moses, III is primarily a virtual law office.  This means that most of the legal services we provide are delivered online via the Internet, email, and telephone.  As a result, legal services are convenient and accessible.

Our clients appreciate the convenient and accessible nature of our online law practice.  We give each client a secure, online legal account that allows them to have 24/7 access to their case files, send private messages to Attorney Moses, and pay invoices, all from the comfort of their home or office, via their computer, laptop, iPad, or smartphone.

As a result, clients benefit from and enjoy using the technology to easily handle their legal matters at convenient times and in comfortable locations.

Business Law +

The Law Office of Ambrose Moses, III specializes in what we like to call Business Law+.  Attorney Moses advises, counsels, represents, and provides legal aid to entrepreneurs concerning the formation, operation, and growth of their LLC, corporation, or 501c3 nonprofit.  He guides clients through the development of business plans, choosing a form of business, corporate and limited liability company structuring decisions, funding and financing, contracts negotiation, regulatory compliance, technology and Internet issues, and commercial real estate matters, among others.

Plus (+), his experience as a lawyer in the general practice of law since 1991 enables him to help business owners and their families with matters ranging from wills and trusts, asset protection, and personal real estate to misdemeanor DUI and traffic cases, civil litigation, and consumer law issues.  Some business clients engage Attorney Moses as their private family lawyer to advise and counsel family members on sensitive matters that arise.

Convenient and Accessible

We offer clients a fast turnaround for the business-related legal services we perform.  Our use of technology tools helps to communicate and transact business with clients on a 24/7 basis.

Affordable Legal Services

Basically, we charge affordable flat fees for most of our services.

The Law Office of Ambrose Moses, III, Co. LPA will consider a variety of fee arrangements depending on the nature of the case and the needs of businesses or individuals desiring our legal services.

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