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I work with entrepreneAmbrose Moses III_242urs and small business owners.  As a business lawyer, I advise and counsel you concerning the legal needs of your business.  This helps you to focus on accomplishing your goals and achieving the lifestyle you hoped for when you started your company.

I also help you to protect your assets, both personal and business.

I understand small businesses and microenterprises because I have advised, counseled, educated, and empowered hundreds of business owners.  I also run a small business myself.

I have had an interest in business ever since my college roommates and I started a mobile computer repair business.  Since I planned on attending law school after undergrad, the incorporation process, business plan development, and general business management sort of fell into my lap.  It was an exciting time.  Late nights, new challenges, meeting people, pitching ideas . . . living the entrepreneurial life.  (Takes me back a bit.)

After all of the undergraduate fun, I went on to earn my J.D. from The Ohio State University College of Law in Columbus, Ohio.  (Yeah.  I’m a Buckeye. )

While  I have handled a wide range of legal matters for clients over the years, my primary area of practice is business law and working with startups.  My personal and professional passion is educating and empowering entrepreneurs as they develop and pursue their dreams of business success.    My wide range of experience has enabled me to be a trusted advisor, counselor, and advocate for my clients.

After 20 years, my very first business client is still with me today.  They are a husband and wife team that started a construction company based upon the husband’s years of experience as a laborer and tradesman.  Through the years, their company has employed many individuals, has been recognized as an SBA Small Business of the Year, and has successfully completed many high-profile projects.


A young lawyer from New York, said it well, “My goal is to make it easy for you to get the legal advice you need to protect and grow your business.”

This is what I believe:

  • You deserve great service. As a husband, father, and business owner, I understand the need for flexibility. My firm gives you that and more. I’m available via a secure, online portal to discuss your legal needs on a schedule that fits your life. I will meet with you via telephone or webcam so where you’re located physically doesn’t matter; we can still talk.
  • Lawyers are a part of your business team. Just like your accountant or banker, a good lawyer is a resource you should be able to count on to brainstorm ideas and validate new opportunities.
  • Legal advice and counsel should be easy to understand. I explain your legal options in everyday English, respecting that since it’s your business, you need to fully understand your options so that you can decide what makes sense for you and your company.”

So what type of work do I do? Here is a small sample of work I’ve done for my clients:

  • Secured a trademark for a home-based startup gift basket designer.
  • Helped a recent retiree purchase a building and business.
  • Formed a new business entity for a statewide newspaper publisher.
  • Drafted terms and conditions and services schedule for office services provider.
  • Formed a non-profit for an immigrant community association.
  • Reviewed a commercial lease for a newly formed joint venture.

Learn how I can help your amazing business plans come to life and protect your ideas, ventures and brands.

Want to find out what services I offer? Learn how I can help your amazing business plans come to life and protect your ideas, ventures and brands.

Ready to get started? Scheduling a call with me is easy.

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